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Join the adventure! Explore the beauty of nature and ancient wisdom along the Pacific Crest Trail connecting communities along the way. Together we have the opportunity to design solutions that allow us to live symbiotically with nature for a healthier more enriching tomorrow.


The trail breeds a sense of community and admiration for our ancestors and the lands we call home. 


The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,660 mile trail spanning the US from the borders of Mexico to Canada. Originally created as a pack trail, the PCT is home to a diverse swath of the country. Containing six of the seven ecosystems we have. Explore the Trail Notes through 25 National Forests and 7 National Parks!


No matter your politics, we all breath the same air, drink the same water, but we need to act now for current and future generations to breath healthy air and have access to safe water.


Proceeds of this adventure benefit Protect Our Winters. The goal is to raise $1 for every mile of the trail. I am asking for your support through this fundraising page to Protect Our Winters. Your contribution big or small will be appreciated, and this trek of 2,660 miles will have purpose and meaning for all of us.



“The Pacific Crest Trail accesses and protects some of our nation’s and nature’s crown jewels. As a vehicle for introducing you to the outdoors, it is unparalleled.” 


Pacific Crest Trail Association

Give Power to

The People,

The goal is to raise $1 for every mile of trail hiked on the PCT a total of 2,660 miles.


"The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,660 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. It reveals the beauty of the desert, unfolds the glaciated expanses of the Sierra Nevada, travels deep forests, and provides commanding vistas of volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range. Tying the trail together is a community of volunteers & passionate outdoor enthusiasts."


- The Pacific Crest Trail Association




As the percentage of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere rises, our planet heats up. Glaciers melt. Seasons blend together as winters become warmer. Safe levels of carbon dioxide are below 330ppm. Right now, our carbon dioxide level is over 400ppm, and rising. What’s to be done?


Protect Our Winters (POW) works at every level of government to impact the climate change agenda. Together we can protect and create our world.



Where does your donation go?

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