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Bats Bring about Wings of Change

Updated: May 29, 2018

Mile 120 | Warner Springs

We left Warner Springs this morning. We are transitioning on the map from Section A to Section B in Southern California. This seems like a baby step but it's the first leg of the trip and signifies the ongoing transformation from the daily grind to trail life.

We had bats in camp this evening I love them for dive-bombing the mosquitoes and watching over our camp. They are amazing the way they swoop in and out of the trees and obstacles using sonar. Animals and spirits showing up in our lives can be omens. Have you ever encountered an animal or totem on your path and felt that it was sending you a message? Follow your curiosity....

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Bat Spirit Animal

by Elena Harris,

The Bat arriving in your life signifies an omen of change. He asks that you pay attention to signs around you. The transition may seem frightening at first, but you must let go of your old habits and patterns that no longer serve your higher calling. They will only hinder your growth.

Bats are symbols of communication because they are highly sociable and have strong family bonds. They are nurturing, highly verbal, use touch and are sensitive to members from their group. This strong bond allows them to teach us how to enhance our level of communication and strengthen our bonds with family and friends. Bats have great perceptive skills, always show the truth in dreams and symbolize rebirth as they spread their wings at dusk from the womb of Mother Earth.

Below are some of the many meanings of bats as spirit animals.

  • Illusion

  • Rebirth

  • Dreams

  • Intuition

  • Initiation

  • Journeying

  • Inner depth

  • Communication

  • Vision

  • See through ambiguity

  • Dive straight to the truth of matters

  • Shamanic death and rebirth

  • Pollination of new ideas

  • Transition

  • Viewing past lives

  • Understanding grief

  • The use of vibrational sound

  • Camouflage

  • Invisibility

  • Ability to observe unseen

  • Sensitivity to environmental or spiritual energy

  • Truth in dreams

  • Society

  • Superstition

  • Fear

  • Shape-shifting

  • Transformation

  • Psychic Power

  • Astral Travel

  • Changes for better

  • Moon magic

  • Guardian of the night

This is uncanny because of how relevant these meanings are to the moment. It's my twelfth day on the trail. Goodnight moon thank you for your guidance and free flowing light. Thank you for showing me your darkness so that I may appreciate your glowing light.

Don't forget, if you would like to contribute to my personal fundraiser for Protect Our Winters to offset the cost of global warming. Take a stand now and support POW by visiting their website, or follow their initiatives on Facebook. If you would like to donate, Great!! Here's the link, my goal is to raise $1 for every mile I hike on the PCT, a total of 2,660 miles. Thank you for rising up for the world and your future.

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