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The Trail is the Great Equalizer

Updated: May 29, 2018

Mile 217 | Traveling through the San Gorgonio Wilderness to Whitewater Preserve.

"Whitewater Preserve is 2,851 acres surrounded by the Bureau of Land Management’s San Gorgonio Wilderness, and includes the year-round Whitewater River. Rich riparian habitat hosts the endangered Southwest willow flycatcher and Bell’s vireo, and provides opportunity to see migrating summer tanagers and vermilion flycatchers. The canyon has a robust population of bighorn sheep, deer and bear, and is an important wildlife corridor between the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains. The Conservancy purchased an additional 3,200 acres in the Whitewater corridor that was donated to the Bureau of Land Management. These donated lands include sand dunes that are home to the endangered fringe-toed lizard at Windy Point, which lies at the confluence of the Whitewater and San Gorgonio Rivers."

"Over the past ten years, the Whitewater River has transformed from black water cattle wallows to crystal clear waters. Other restoration efforts involved removing 19 neglected houses and commercial structures at the old trout farm along with diseased non-native elm trees. These impacted lands have been restored with native sycamores, cottonwoods, flowering ash, alders, narrow-leaved willows, native shrubs and substantial wetlands. Legislation is pending to make the Whitewater River a National Wild and Scenic River."

Read More about Whitewater Preserve »

My feet hurt still but I took the tape off and am going to attempt 16 miles today. I’m grateful I decided to ice my feet in the stream before leaving today. I went back and forth in my mind for a quarter mile till I got to the stream and my foot was already in so much pain. My left foot is the worst because it’s so pronated and has caused stress to my ankle as well as inflammation. And I keep walking on it...I should probably take a zero day but I want to get to Big Bear Lake to see B and I don't have enough food to last more than 3 days!

Before setting off on the trail I was very interested in deepening the relationship I have with myself and life. The main goal of this is to gain spiritual sovereignty and real freedom. To become self reliant and responsible for myself and my happiness. I have been practicing pranayama, or conscious breathing exercises to help with anxiety, stress and focus. The three main exercises I practice are 1) Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing, 2) Dirga Pranayam a.k.a "Vase Breathe" and 3) Kapalbhanti Pranayam, a.k.a "Fire Breath" They are helping me to clear negative energy and pointing out my tendencies to push myself in a harsh way. Coming back to the inner smiles and filling up with warmth and light has been exceptionally rejuvenating. Hike Your Own Hike is the mantra of this trip (HYOH). I believe these rituals and practices would be very beneficial to help people who, like me, live very physically. Only through pushing my body to these new realms have I been able to access the highest levels of consciousness. I am a physical person I love touch, the body, strength. It’s an interesting connection that I will keep exploring.

Don't forget, if you would like to contribute to my personal fundraiser for Protect Our Winters to offset the cost of global warming. Take a stand now and support POW by visiting their website, or follow their initiatives on Facebook. If you would like to donate, Great!! Here's the link, my goal is to raise $1 for every mile I hike on the PCT, a total of 2,660 miles. Thank you for rising up for the world and your future.

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