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Wrightwood ❄️

Mile 360 | Above the clouds! Waking up here around mile 360 on my 30th day on the trail is inspirational. I have about 11 miles from here to Wrightwood, CA the nearest town where I can take a zero day and resupply. The night before I was feeling especially discouraged because I was really tired and sick of being dirty. It didn't help that there was some gross stuff left behind by other people around my campsite. LEAVE NO TRACE!!! However, there are many wonderful people protecting and advocating the trail. I make it a goal to pick up trash like cups, plastic, etc. Even picking up a few tiny pieces a day makes a difference! I've learned to just keep it movin' and not get hung up on trivial things. Everyday is a new day, an opportunity, there's really no looking back.

The climb up was high but didn't feel too steep. It was a beautiful hike and I met a group of gym buddies training to hike Mt. Whitney in June. Mt. Whitney is close to the highest point on the Pacific Crest Trail which is Forester Pass 13,153 feet. They were great to talk to, it's nice to meet people with like minded interests who enjoy getting out in nature. The climb into Wrightwood pictured in the elevation chart to the left shows the Trail as it ascends up, passing through Mountain High Winter Resort. I kept hiking above the clouds for the beginning of the day and began to descend through them as I got closer to town.

Ski lifts are a nostalgic site on the trail. I miss the snow, my boyfriend, my home, and friends in Vermont. I am hoping to get on a board and ride at some point along the way (Mammoth anyone?). It's only makes sense that I pass the 360 mile marker today through a ski resort, my first trail 360!!

Made it to the Hwy 2 Inspiration Point. The lovely town of Wrightwood, CA is only 5.5 miles.

The view is breathtaking...

We stayed in Wrightwood for a few days healing our feet and waiting for some weather to pass through. The town is small and absolutely charming. I walked in and bee-lined it for Mountain Hardware where there is information for hikers and trail angel contacts. I met a group of hikers who were waiting to get picked up by trail angel Maile. We stayed with her and her husband Lynn the first night in town. They are wonderful people. If you ever need your faith restored in humanity, thru-hike. They are both caregivers and they welcomed us into their home. Gave us clean clothes to wear while we did our laundry, showers and made us dinner. Maile even gave us all feet consultations and tending to one by one. The full moon that night was incredible I was grateful to have a little Sadhana practice out on their porch surrounded by plants and little solar lamps. It was magical. The next morning we headed back to the main street where a few hikers had arranged to stay at an Airbnb. It was above Pharmacy Skate Shop!! We kicked it in town for a few days waiting on some weather to pass through the mountains. There was actually snow in the forecast!

For me it's always bittersweet leaving and arriving in town. When I am arriving in town I find myself not wanting to leave the trail. I get antsy in town wanting to get back out on the trail but I know my body needs the rest and recuperation. In town it's easy to get overwhelmed and overindulge. Trail life is simple. The hikers I shared the Airbnb with were great. Whisper, Mibs, Coach, Gnarwal and Poptart. Coach made amazing tacos and Whisper made us all snacks, cookies and brownies. I'm impressed by her, she is 19 and solo hiking! Such a brave and aware person. Many of the hikers I have met so far are inspiring. On my last night in town I got to catch up with the OC Hillbillies, the women who I met at the beginning of the trail. H and I went exploring down some backroads with her dogs and then we met up with C to do some yoga and henna!! Always a treat 🍭

Tomorrow's goal is to summit Mount Baden-Powell a 9,407 foot peak in the San Gabriel Mountains named for the founder of the World Scouting Movement, Robert Baden-Powell. The PCT reaches within a quarter mile of the summit at 9,360 feet. This will be the highest point of the trail south of the Sierra Nevada.

Don't forget, if you would like to contribute to my personal fundraiser for Protect Our Winters to offset the cost of global warming. Take a stand now and support POW by visiting their website, or follow their initiatives on Facebook. If you would like to donate, Great!! Here's the link, my goal is to raise $1 for every mile I hike on the PCT, a total of 2,660 miles. Thank you for rising up for the world and your future.

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